Requirements for the use of diamond water grinding discs
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The specific use method of diamond water grinding disc:

The diamond water mill is suitable for portable electric or pneumatic mills, and then the joint is connected, the power is 750-1500W, and the number of revolutions is 2000-10000.

When working, apply a certain pressure to the machine while running the water on the surface of the stone to be ground for 4-5 times, and then the finer No. 1 grinding plate can be replaced. Many people are accustomed to using water grinding pads, because water grinding pads are deeper and less prone to scratches, and there is no dust. Dry grinding is relatively shallow compared to grinding, and the amount of dust is relatively large, which is more prone to scratches.

This is what everyone knows and agrees with. In fact, it is not the case. A single water mill cannot satisfy all different floors, especially the ground with particularly poor strength and serious sanding. Such ground cannot be blistered. When it comes to loess, it doesn't matter, you can choose dry grinding. When grinding, as long as the ground is clean and no sand and gravel are brought into the chassis, there will be no scratches.

The dry ground will be more delicate and glossy. According to years of experience, choose high-quality water grinding discs, which have better wear resistance and can save you more costs.