What are the processing techniques of cutting discs?
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What are the processing techniques of cutting discs?

How much do you know about the cutting sheet? But it is certain that the cutting blade is of great help to the large-scale machinery industry; such as the cutting of steel pipes, if there is no cutting blade, there is no way to cut it, so it has many applications.

The cutting disc is used for cutting stainless steel tube, capillary tube, glass tube, quartz tube, automobile exhaust pipe, brake wire, tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, copper wire; and other pipe fittings and filaments, cutting of special steel and opening of workpieces. The grooves have a good effect. So what is the processing technology of the cutting blade? The following are the three major processing technologies of cutting discs.

1. Cold pressing process

The binders used are wetting agents and powdered resins. Usually used as wetting agents are liquid phenolic resins, furfural, furfuryl alcohol, cresol, etc. Most of them are liquid phenolic resins.

2. Semi-hot pressing process

The pressing temperature is generally 50-65 °C. At this pressing temperature, the viscosity of the liquid resin decreases, and the powdery resin can be well integrated, so that the fluidity of the entire resin system is improved, and it is easier to fully penetrate each space. The pressure is not too high, and the cutting sheet can be formed well, and it does not need to be too long, which is especially suitable for the automatic pressing production line of continuous operation.

3. Hot pressing process

The mixing requirements are different from the cold pressing process. Generally, the dry mixing method is used or the abrasive is wetted with furfural less than 1% of the weight of the abrasive as a wetting agent, and then mixed with the powder resin evenly.

When the cutting disc is working, stand on its side and do not operate it from the front, so as to prevent the grinding wheel from flying out or breaking and hurting people when it fails. After all, this is working under high-speed rotation.